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Ignition Leads & Spark Plug Leads


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Items 1 to 240 of 1685 total

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About Ignition Leads & Spark Plug Leads

Ignition Leads are what connect your ignition system together, getting your car started smoothly and promptly every time. Ignition leads need to be built to withstand hundreds of thousands of kilometres of use, and may only be replaced a few times throughout your vehicle's lifetime, so getting a good balance of reliable performance and heavy duty construction is absolutely vital.

How Spark Plug Leads Work

Spark plug leads are designed to transfer the current produced by your vehicle's ignition system from the distributor to the actual spark plugs resting within your vehicle's cylinders. With each spark plug firing many multiple times per minute and using thousands of volts to do so, the leads carrying this electricity need to be built to not only safely transfer this amount of power on an every day basis, but also do so reliably over many years of continuous use.

Ignition leads are built in many different ways in order to suit different types of vehicle applications. Tougher, heavy duty ignition leads are generally favoured for passenger and commercial use, which are often made of tough, vulcanised rubber for the best insulation and protection. Where lightness and performance is required, sport and motorsport spark plug leads are favoured, which often incorporate stainless steel and even kevlar into their design.

Why Good Spark Plug Leads can Benefit Australian Drivers

Because ignition leads are required to reliably deliver power to your spark plugs, they play a huge role in making sure your engine fires properly on time. This can prove very important in making sure your engine is running as efficiently as possible, as well as guaranteeing the best performance when you hit the accelerator.

Performance oriented ignition leads are also responsible for getting the maximum voltage to your combustion chamber. This helps to make sure that you're burning as much fuel as possible with every firing stroke, increasing both fuel efficiency and performance while reducing harmful emissions.

Our Range of Spark Plug Leads

Designed to withstand a massive amount of voltage and use, we carry a great range of premium BOSCH spark plug leads and NGK ignition leads, available in multiple variants to suit every day, heavy duty, sport and motorsport applications. Both BOSCH and NGK Spark Plugs are the world leaders in ignition products, spark plug leads and spark plugs, meaning you can be sure of at least OE-level quality and reliability with every set you purchase.

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