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About Seat Covers

Seat Covers are a great addition to any vehicle's interior. Whether you're looking to protect your existing covers or are looking to upgrade the look and feel of your interior, Seat Covers are the answer. Our large range of Seat Covers from My Car is designed with style, comfort and easy care in mind. My Car car seat covers come in a variety of materials and fitments so you can be sure to find the perfect seat cover for your vehicle.

Using Back Support, Seat Organisers and Child Seat Protectors along with Seat Covers are not only going to protect your car’s interior but add all the extra comfort you need.

What do Seat Covers do and why are they important?

Not every driver is aware of the importance of a car’s interior, especially car seats. They occupy the largest space in your vehicles interior and are crucial for enjoyable driving. Like an office chair we sit in them almost everyday and we need them to be comfortable and clean.

Car Seats endure a lot of abuse, from dirty clothes, wet swimwear, food, drink, pets, children and sunlight. Protecting your car seats from wear and tear with Seat Covers will ensure your vehicles upholstery and interior is looking well maintained. Not only will Seat Covers protect your car seats from future damage they also conceal any existing damage. A less expensive alternative to reupholstering existing damaged car seats; Seat Covers will give your vehicle that new car look and feel without a massive price tag.

It’s also important to consider how the state of your vehicle’s interior can affect your cars sale price. Having well maintained, clean and undamaged upholstery from using quality seat covers could help you in getting that higher sale price. Seat Covers are extremely reliable, durable and easy to care for. Unlike your existing car seat upholstery, most car Seat Covers can be easily removed and washed, allowing you to have car seats that are always clean and looking good.

Back Supports are another worthwhile investment, especially if you drive often and cover long distances. Again like office chairs we use them often and need them to provide the best comfortable possible to avoid sore stiff backs and joints. Using Seat Covers and Back Support is going to transform every drive into a better experience, providing you with the comfort and protection every car should have.

Our Range of Seat Covers

Sparesbox offer the best value and best quality products from My Car to protect your interior and increase your comfort. With more than twenty years’ experience MyCar provides the very best seat covers for your car. Delivering superior Seat Covers, Back Support, Seat Organisers and Child Seat Protectors to suit a variety of vehicles.

My Car's range of seat covers is second to none, with a huge range of covers that are both universal and tailor made to specific vehicles. My Car offers heavy-duty seat covers for trade and commercial vehicles, as well as more luxurious covers designed to deliver the very best in comfort for the daily driver. My Car also manufactures a great range of back and lumbar supports, designed to reduce the stiffness and fatigue associated with long haul driving.