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Self-Levelling Kits


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19 Item(s)

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About Self-Levelling Kits

Self levelling kits are a modern suspension system that are used to maintain a constant ride height of the vehicle regardless of the road. Spares Box has an extensive array of self levelling kits to suit the requirements of Australian drivers.

What do Self Levelling Kits do?

Self levelling suspension kits adjust the height of your vehicle's rear for improved driving dynamics and safety. As a default setting, the rear part sits higher than the front in most of the vehicles. Self levelling kits raise the front part of your vehicle, to bring the front and rear at the same level.

Primarily done to maintain the look, these kits also add a small amount of ground clearance to the front thus giving you the ability to run larger tires. Moreover, when you are carrying haevy luggage or towing a trailer, your vehicle's tail tends to sink downwards and that's when these kits will come your rescue.

How are Self Levelling Kits Beneficial for Drivers?

Self levelling kits help in improving vehicle's balance and handling by maintaining an ideal centre of gravity and suspension. Since towing or transporting heavy loads can lead to uneven tyre wear, self levelling kits are essential for drivers. The cars with these kits maintain an exact height over the road, thus offering a soft ride.

Many drivers also enjoy the enhanced look, aesthetic and improved performance that comes with a self levelling suspension kit. Also, driving with compressed suspension is not only uncomfortable but dangerous for the driver and vehicle's occupants. You should get these suspension kits for extra stability, safety and dynamics.

Our range of Self Levelling Kits

With a varied range of self levelling kits meeting your specific needs, Spares Box is proud to be associated with some of the top brands in this industry like KYB, King Springs and Bilstein.

Getting a self levelling kit for your car would let you achieve both comfort and load capacity. All the kits are designed to cope with various sort of pressure, temperature and road conditions. Our range of suspension kits, shock absorbers and coil springs caters to a wide range of cars in Australian market.