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About Motul

Motul is one of the oldest and most prestigious names in the entire Spares Box catalogue, tracing their origins back over 160 years to 1853. It was in this year that they began as Swan & Finch in New York City, a maker of fine all-purpose lubricants. Over the next 100 years, a French distributor began blending and selling these lubricants under the Motul brand of motor oils, eventually culminating in the first multi-grade oil on the European market.

In 1966 Motul launched the Century 2100 motor oil, the first semi-synthetic lubricant ever released. 5 years later, Motul changed the course of motor oil forever when they manufactured the world’s first 100% synthetic, ester based motor oil, Century 300V.

Why Should I Choose Motul?

Now available in more than 80 countries around the world, Motul continues to innovate and modernise motor oil and lubricants in a way that leaves its competitors scrambling to catch up. A testament to their innovation and quality, Motul is the trusted automotive and lubricant supplier to competitors in the MotoGP, the FIA World Endurance Championship and Nissan’s Racing Development team NISMO.

Whether you’re looking for a high-performance alternative to your OE oil or looking to reinvigorate your engine, Motul’s extensive range of Oil and Lubricant’s have you covered.

Our Range of Motul Oils, Fluids and Lubricants

Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of Motul premium oils, fluids and lubricants. The Motul 300V range has been tried and trusted by race teams and performance enthusiasts to deliver you premium on-track performance from qualifying to the checkered flag.

The 100% Synthetic technology of these performance oils has also filtered down to the premium passenger car engine oils that they manufacture. The Motul 8100 Range is the finest choice for modern engines, ensuring incredible engine response and fuel economy on OEM engines still within their warranty period.

For keeping a wider range of engine perfectly maintained with 100% Synthetic quality, check out the Motul H-Tech Range. H-Tech is specially formulated to keep engines in perfect working order by offering the best in protection, cleaning and performance.
Premium Quality at a value-oriented price is also easier to obtain than ever through Motul, with their 6100 and Multipower ranges featuring their proprietary Technosynthese technology. This technology makes these ranges the perfect choice for everyday continental and high-mileage cars for the very best care on a budget.

Motul are also one of the world leaders in brake fluid, producing high-grade 100% Synthetic Motul DOT 3 & Motul DOT 5.1 brake fluid. All of these products, as well as their RBF 600 & RBF 660 competition-level brake fluids, are designed to give your brakes the ultimate in reliable performance and safe stopping power. They also produce Anti-Freeze INUGEL coolant for a variety of uses.

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