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About Snatch Straps

Often known as recovery straps or towing straps, 4WD snatch straps are one of the most effective ways of getting a vehicle out of a sticky situation. Investing in a high quality snatch strap can save you hours of digging and spinning your wheels frustratedly, and can help you pull just about any vehicle free from mud, sand or slime.

What do Snatch Straps Do?

Snatch straps are essentially heavy duty bungee cords, which use kinetic energy to help free any off road vehicle or 4x4 which is stuck or bogged down in slime or mud. These snatch straps are generally attached to a winch or the rear of another vehicle ahead of the stuck 4x4, often via a snatch block. As the vehicle ahead drives forward or the winch begins to reel the vehicle in, kinetic energy builds up in the snatch strap which then has the effect of slingshotting the stuck vehicle to safety. Because of their job shifting heavy vehicles, snatch straps are generally made from incredibly tough yet stretchy materials, woven to be able to withstand thousands of kgs of force.

Our Range of Snatch Straps

Sparesbox carries a great range of snatch straps from Mean Mother and Drivetech 4x4, two of Australia's home-grown leaders in 4x4 recovery gear and off road equipment. All of our snatch straps are constructed from the best heavy duty woven nylon and are rated to deal with loads between 8 and 11 tons, depending on your vehicle and needs. The best snatch straps are designed to deliver maximum stretch without reaching breaking point, something each of these companies deliver in spades.