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Garden & Machinery Oils


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19 Item(s)

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About Garden & Machinery Oils

Garden and machinery oil are must-haves if you want to get the best performance out of your machine. Sparesbox’s range of garden and machinery oils includes lawnmower oil, chainsaw oil and a wide range of oils for 4 and 2 stroke engines. Formulated from the finest base oils and additives, these oils provide the perfect remedy for an underperforming engine. These oils are suitable for almost every gardening and cleaning application, providing the ultimate in protection and lubrication for all motors.

How Does Garden & Machinery Oil Work?

Without high quality oil, an engine is prone to contamination from a number of harmful threats and will be unable to perform properly at the highest temperatures. Most stationary pieces of machinery such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and workshop machines do not have any radiators or coolant to help cool their engines down, and this is where the engine oil comes in. Garden and machinery oils provide the cooling, friction and corrosion protection to help heavy duty motors of all shapes and sizes do their jobs.

Why is Good Garden and Machinery Oil Important?

Having high quality chainsaw oil, lawnmower oil, garden and machinery is just as important as putting the right oil in your car. It is absolutely necessary that garden and machinery engines are regularly given oil that can guarantee protective, wear-resistant properties from the minute you put it in your engine.

Our Range of Garden & Machinery Oil

With Spares Box’s selection of Castrol products, you can guarantee they meet strict quality and safety requirements. A result of the most advanced research, engineering and manufacturing, the oils we offer give enhanced performance and durability by guaranteeing wear protection and low temperature fluidity, as well as lubrication on the chain and bar of chainsaws. Covering lawnmower oil, chainsaw oil, metalworking fluid, our range of castrol oils cater to machinery commonly used in all garden and agricultural work. Sparesbox also carries a great range of multi-purpose 4-stroke oil and 2-stroke oil from Kincrome Tools.

Many garden oils come under the same lubricant quality standards as you would find with our wide range of engine oils, and Castrol have gone the extra distance to ensure that their whole range of garden and chainsaw oils are approved according to API specifications. This guarantees performance well exceeding normal monograde oils that you’d find in the bulk of gardening equipment around the world.

With Sparesbox’s range of garden and machinery oils, underperforming engines will make way for impressive solutions that deliver on engine safety, performance and durability time and time again.