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    About Oil Additives

    Perfect for popping into your engine or transmission in the event of an oil change, rough performance or for a simple tune up, our great range of Oil Additives will take your oil's capacity for cooling and protection to the next level.

    What do Oil Additives Do?

    While your vehicle's oils are the most important liquids in keeping your vehicle's moving components working properly, they can also be greatly assisted through the use of supplemental treatments and additives. Oil additives combine with your vehicle's engine oil, gear oil or transmission fluids to provide them with enhanced cleaning power, the best capacity for lubrication and higher tolerances to heat and pressure. These additives give your oils the best chance at a long, productive life, so your engine and transmission do as well.

    How can Oil Additives Enhance Your Vehicle's Performance?

    Starting with your vehicle's engine oil, a wide range of additives are available on Spares Box to meet a number of the different needs that could be thrown up by your engine oil day-to-day. For older vehicles where broken or worn seals may be leading to a loss of engine oil or smoking from your exhaust, we stock stop leak and stop smoke additives to help rejuvenate and repair leaks throughout your engine. Performance, heavy duty, worn and diesel engine treatments are also readily available to help your engine oil do it's very best job at keeping your engine cool, protected and lubricated.

    Our Range of Oil Additives

    All of Sparesbox's additives are supplied by either Nulon or LIQUI MOLY, who are both leaders in the fields of automotive lubricants and fluids. Molybdenum DTC is one of the most popular ingredients in modern engine oils, enhancing your oil with unrivalled lubrication power and capacity to resist heat and pressure. For this reason, both LIQUI MOLY (who were the first brand to use Moly DTc) and Nulon both manufacture Moly DTc additives to be used with a wide range of oils and engines.

    Spares Box also offer a great variety of additives to help your transmission fluid, gear oil and differential oils cope with the high heats and pressures that come with serving your vehicle's transmission every day. Availble for both manual and automatic transmissions, these treatments will help extend the life of your transmission, and also aid in providing smoother, quicker shifts along with the very best protection for your hard working vehicle.

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