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Transmission Fluid

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About Transmission Fluid

While the automatic transmission is one of the most revolutionary technologies in the history of automotive development, transmission fluid has also come leaps and bounds, making it vital that you're keeping your automatic transmission protected with the very best ATF possible. With our range of ATFs, manual transmission fluid, DCT fluids and CVT fluids from the likes of Castrol, Nulon and Motul, every drop of ATF available from Spares Box is sure to deliver the ultimate in protection, performance and longevity for your transmission

How does Transmission Fluid  Work?

Transmission fluid, also known as automatic transmission fluid or ATF for short, is one of the most vital components in keeping any automatic transmission running and shifting as smoothly as possible. Slightly different to a gear oil, transmission fluid has to be optimised to protect the complex components of an automatic transmission, including its valves, brake band and torque converter. At the same time, ATF needs to share the same anti-wear, anti-boiling and anti-corrosion properties of standard gear oil, so to provide the long lasting care that your gears need.

Some manual transmissions and more uncommon transmissions, for instance continuously variable transmissions and dual clutch transmissions, also require the use of specialised transmission fluids in place of standard gear oils.

Why is Good Transmission Fluid Important for my Automatic Vehicle?

A good transmission fluid is incredibly important to ensure not only the longest life possible for your transmission, but also the smoothest, most consistent operation while you're driving day-to-day. By properly lubricating and protecting every part of your automatic transmission, automatic transmission fluid will ensure the smoothest shifts possible as well as improved longevity across the life of your vehicle.

Our Range of Transmission Fluids

Sparesbox carries a huge range of Automatic transmission fluids, all of which are manufactured by absolute world-leading names in automotive lubricants and oils. We're proud to showcase a range of ATF from the likes of Nulon, Motul and Castrol, which includes Castrol Transmax, the Motul ATF range, and Nulon Full Synthetic transmission fluid. All of these transmission fluids are manufactured with the finest quality base stocks and enhanced with high-pressure additives that ensure the ultimate in protection for every automatic transmission.

Sparesbox also carries a range of continuously variable transmission fluid, dual clutch transmission fluid, and high pressure manual transmission fluids from these brands for vehicles that require specialist care.

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