Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1865 EURO+

Part Number: DB1865 EURO+
Bendix Brakes
Bendix Brakes
Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1865 EURO+  Sparesbox - Image 1
Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1865 EURO+  Sparesbox - Image 2

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Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1865 EURO+ Description

  • Bendix Front and Rear Brake sets are a complete braking solution for your vehicle
  • Bendix Brake sets include all brake pads and/or brake shoes needed to replace your vehicles entire braking system
  • Convenient and simple kits, simply match your vehicles year, make and model to find your Bendix brake set
  • Contains: 1x Axle Set (4 disc brake pads)
  • Pad set supplied with: 4 Bolts 4 Clips
Bendix Rear EURO Brake Pad Set DB1865 EURO+

Bendix Euro+ brake pads are the perfect pads for European vehicles. Compatible with Europe's most-loved manufacturers, the Bendix Euro+ brake pads are the ultimate in design, construction and performance.


- Has technology required to meet high standards of premium names such as Mercedes Benz, Audi and VW
- Works effectively across a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions
- Meets original equipment requirements


Bendix Euro+ brake pads are a hugely popular choice amongst those who drive a European car. Meeting ECE Regulation 90, the Bendix Euro+ meet stringent European standards on braking capability, speed sensitivity and cold performance. If you drive European, these pads are for you.


Ideal for European passenger cars, the Bendix Euro+'s Blue Titanium Stripe gives instant friction and positive pedal feel from the minute you install them. The impact of the titanium means that no bedding-in is required. Simply install them and drive!

Be sure to invest in a good quality brake fluid in order to extend the life of your new brakes and keep them performing at the level they should.

Contains: 1 Axle Set (4 Disc Brake Pads) Pad set supplied with: 4 Bolts 4 Clips


BrandBENDIX Australia
Length [mm]105
Width [mm]56
Thickness [mm]17
Brake TypeDisc Brake
Engine Codes
  • AGA
  • AGR
  • AHF
  • ALF
  • ALH
  • AML
  • APS
  • ARE
  • ARJ
  • ARX
  • ASB
  • ASN
  • ASV
  • ATD
  • AUK
  • AUQ
  • AVU
  • AXP
  • AXR
  • AXW
  • AXX
  • AXZ
  • AZH
  • AZJ
  • BBJ
  • BCA
  • BDB
  • BDV
  • BDW
  • BDX
  • BES
  • BFQ
  • BGB
  • BGU
  • BJB
  • BKC
  • BKD
  • BKN
  • BKP
  • BLG
  • BLR
  • BLS
  • BLX
  • BLY
  • BMJ
  • BMM
  • BMN
  • BMP
  • BMR
  • BMY
  • BPY
  • BSE
  • BSF
  • BUB
  • BVX
  • BVY
  • BVZ
  • BWA
  • BWE
  • BWS
  • BWT
  • BXE
  • BYD
  • BZB
  • CAJA
  • CAVB
  • CAVC
  • CAVD
  • CAWA
  • CAWB
  • CAXA
  • CAXC
  • CBAB
  • CBAC
  • CBBB
  • CBDB
  • CBDC
  • CBFA
  • CBRA
  • CCSA
  • CCTA
  • CCTB
  • CCZA
  • CCZB
  • CCZC
  • CCZD
  • CDAA
  • CDLB
  • CDLC
  • CDVA
  • CEGA
  • CESA
  • CETA
  • CFFB
  • CFGB
  • CFHC
  • CJAA
  • CJSA
  • CKFC
  • CLCB
  • CLJA
  • CMXA
  • CNWA
  • CRMB
  • CTHB
  • CTHC
  • CTHD
  • CTKA
  • EA113
  • EA888
  • N54 B30 A
  • N55 B30 A
Part NumberDB1865 EURO+
TypesBrake Pads - Euro
WarrantyManufacturers warranty


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