About 4x4 Accessories, Off Road & Touring

This is the ultimate destination for 4x4 accessories online - here you'll find everything that Sparesbox offers to help you tackle the highway, the track and the trail, keeping you prepared to drive into the great outdoors with the utmost confidence that nothing will get in your way.

Why 4x4 Accessories and Off Road Equipment Can be Vital

Driving in the bush, heading off road or driving in rural areas is an entirely different ball game to the daily commute. Australia is a country where fuel, water and food can be seperated by hundreds of kilometres, making it vital that rural drivers and off road enthusiasts are prepared to tackle just about any terrain and any situation.

For this reason, a number of companies exist to ensure that Australia's drivers are equipped for every eventuality, providing 4x4 recovery equipment for when they get bogged down or stuck in a tricky situation, along with a range of accessories to help with carrying essential cargo like water and fuel.

Our Range of 4x4 Accessories, Off Road & Touring Equipment

Sparesbox has developed a range of 4WD accessories and off road equipment to help you keep powering forward in just about every scenario. We've sourced a range of 4x4 recovery kits and 4WD recovery gear from the likes of TRED 4x4, Mean Mother and Drivetech 4x4 which is designed to help you get out of a sticky situation in just about any terrain or weather.

For rural drivers and those that potentially go large distances between water and fuel fill-ups, Sparesbox also offers a range of fuel cans, jerry cans and fuel containers in a range of sizes and shapes.