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About Fuel Cans, Jerry Cans & Containers

It doesn't matter if you're heading off road, trecking it into the outback or just looking for a little insurance in case of emergency, the humble fuel container can be a literal lifesaver for those running low on fuel.

Why are Fuel Cans, Jerry Cans and Containers Essential?

Good fuel containers can come in incredibly useful for a huge range of Aussie drivers. Built specifically to carry unleaded, diesel and even E85 petrol, fuel cans can be incredibly valuable for anyone looking to safely stock a reserve supply of fuel or water for their vehicle. Particularly in Australia, running out of petrol or fresh water in the wrong place can often be a matter of life or death, making a good set of jerry cans essential for many rural Australian drivers.

What Makes the Best Fuel Containers & Jerry Cans?

Fuel cans can be picked up just about everywhere, but making sure you're getting a high quality set of fuel containers can give you valuable piece of mind in making sure your fuel is being stored properly and safely. The best jerry cans and fuel containers come with proper labelling and are made from the correct compounds to store a wide range of different fuels and liquids.

Our Range of Fuel Cans, Jerry Cans and Fuel Containers

Sparesbox carries a huge range of Fuel Cans, Jerry Cans, Water Cans, Fuel Containers and accessories from 2 of Australia's leaders in 4x4 accessories and off road equipment, namely Fuel Safe and Cargo Mate. Featuring brands both under leading suppliers in Australia's automotive aftermarket, our fuel storage and water storage range is unparraleled, encompassing fuel can tags, fuel container seals and pouring nozzles.