Underbody Protection & Bash Plates

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About Underbody Protection & Bash Plates

There is no such thing as too much protection for your 4x4. Often neglected, the underside of your vehicle is prone to damage from rocks, sticks and anything else you throw at your vehicle.


Underbody protection is the best way to shield some of your vehicles most vital components including engine sumps, drive shafts, sensors, gearboxes and diffs. Often connecting to the front of the vehicle (bull bar region) and going back past the transfer case and gearbox, underbody armour offers comprehensive protection to the exposed belly of your vehicle.


The Drivetech 4x4 range of Underbody protection and bash plates is extensive and covers some of Australia’s most popular 4x4s. These include; Toyota Hilux, 100 series Landcruiser, Mitsubishi triton and the PX Ford Ranger.