About 4x4 Lighting

Sometimes your standard 4x4 headlights just won't provide enough light to get you through the tough terrains and conditions presented by the Australian landscape. For trickier situations, our range of 4x4 lighting is here to light the path ahead whether on the highway, in the bush or on the worksite. Sparesbox carries a range of 4x4 Driving Lights and 4x4 LED Light Bars from some of the most trusted names in 4x4 lighting including Hella and Narva

What's the Difference Between 4x4 Driving Lights, 4x4 Spotlights and 4x4 Light Bars?

The 2 key differences that seperate different kinds of 4x4 light are the beam type and the lighting element used. 4x4 spotlights are designed to focus on a particular object or path over great distances, 4x4 driving lights provide a more broad beam in a way that's designed to mimic and supplement your vehicle's headlights, and light bars are generally used for providing broad lighting over a wide angle, perfect for use in off-road conditions where uneven terrain is poorly lit. Different types of lighting elements are also available across many of these lights, including Xenon, Halogen and LED.

What Can Different 4x4 Lights Accomplish?

While lighting an unlit path or workplace may seem like a simple task at the beginning, there are a variety of conditions that can arise, presenting different lighting needs. 4x4s and off-roaders regularly driving on long highways at night may need the lighting provided by a 4x4 driving light or 4x4 spotlight, whereas those heading off road or into uneven conditions may benefit from the broader spread of light from a LED light bar. Either way, all 4x4 lights and LED lights are designed to provide massive amounts of light and pack the most lighting power into the smallest, lightest, toughest package.

Our Range of 4x4 Lighting

Sparesbox has just about every 4x4 enthusiast, off-roader and worker covered with our expansive range of 4x4 lighting. Manufactured by the likes of Hella and Narva and a couple of other suppliers hand picked by Sparesbox, every 4x4 lighting option available here is engineered to work the hardest, last the longest and provide the brightest light possible in all conditions.