About Air Bag Suspension

Air Bag Suspension is one of the most popular and effective ways to improve the load carrying and towing capacity of your vehicle. Designed to adjust the spring rate and ride height of your vehicle when carrying or towing heavy loads, air bag suspension components are essential for load carrying vehicles.

Sparesbox understands that finding the right air bag suspension components for your vehicle can be a challenge, which is why we’ve taken the guess work out of things with our vehicle fitment selector. Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of air bag suspension components including Air Compressors & Air Tanks, Air Gauges, Control Units & Valves, Air Springs & Airbags, Airtubes, Fittings & Adaptors and Airbag Suspension Kits from two of Australia’s most trusted names in air bag suspension, Airbag Man and Polyair.

What does Airbag Suspension do?

Airbag Suspension helps in keeping your vehicle raised by using pressurised air instead of springs to absorb the shocks of the road. An airbag suspension kit uses high pressure and tough airbags which act as tough balloons to assist or replace the coil springs of a traditional suspension setup.

Airbag suspension lifts and levels up a sagging rear end when towing caravans, trailers or carrying heavy loads. An efficient airbag suspension allows you a comfortable ride when off-roading or undertaking heavy duty driving by improving load carrying ability, braking and performance.

How can Airbag Suspension Assist Drivers?

Designed to meet the requirements of Australian drivers with 4x4, SUV or utility vehicles, an airbag suspension system offers optimum stability and control to your vehicle under the load of additional weight.

Airbag Suspension adjust the vehicle’s ride height as per the road conditions with control units accessible from the driver's seat. There are air compressors and air tanks that are used as temporary storage for future use. Air springs and Airbags also increase the vehicle’s body roll and shock life. Air gauges let you monitor the exact pressure of air in your airbags whereas valves assist with easy inflation and deflation.

Our range of Airbag Suspension

Sparesbox have teamed up with some of the leading brands in airbag suspension including, Airbag Man, Bilstein and Polyair to make choosing high quality air bag suspension components for your 4x4, SUV or utility vehicle easier than ever. Our range of airbag suspension components allow for greater driving control and adjustability that will make transporting heavy loads a breeze.