Air Compressors & Air Tanks
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Airbag Man Portable Air Compressor 120 PSI AC8330
Airbag Man AIS Suspension Compressor Heavy Duty 145 PSI AC8108
Airbag Man Air Suspension Control Kit + 3 Gal Tank AC4150
Airbag Man Air Suspension Control Kit + 3 Gal Tank AC4100
Airbag Man Air Suspension Compressor 100PSI AC8303

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About Air Compressors & Air Tanks

Air Compressors and Air Tanks are devices that can be installed into your vehicle to provide inflation and deflation for your airbag suspension kit manually or with the touch of a button. 

What do Air Compressors & Air Tanks do?

Airbag Suspension Kits generally employ electric or engine-driven air compressors which fill an on-board air tank with compressed air for future use.

Air Compressor is an electric pump that inflates air into airbags through a series of compressed air lines. The compressor is generally placed in the trunk or vehicle's frame. Air compressors can be activated manually by the driver or automatically through an electronic system.

An Air tank is a receiver that is used for temporary storage of compressed air. Air tanks are engineered to be tough, with the perfect size to meet your requirements as it also allows your air suspension system to perform more efficiently. Air tank can be used for multiple applications such as storage to protect from pressure fluctuations and improving speed.

Why are good Air Compressors & Air Tanks important for drivers?

For Australian drivers with Utes, 4x4s, SUVs and commercial vehicles, air compressors and air tanks are an essential. When you are off-roading or exploring the great outdoors, the process of inflating and deflating air bag suspension is made easier with Air Compressors & Air Tanks.