About Air Tubes, Fittings & Adaptors

Installing an airbag suspension kit can be one of the greatest things you can do for your heavy duty vehicle, but getting the perfect set up is often much trickier than you first thought. For this reason, we stock a massive range of individual air tubes, fittings, pipes and adaptors, all engineered by Australia's leaders in airbag suspension to suit your airbag set up perfectly.

Why Might My Airbag Suspension Need Different Tubes, Fittings and Adaptors?

While our massive range of airbag suspension kits is designed to fit most cars from stock, you can make a number of modifications and adjustments to both your vehicle and airbag suspension to take their performance to the next level. For this reason, a number of different tubes, fittings and adaptors are available with help you install things like control units, air tanks and compressors to optimise your airbag suspension's efficiency. These parts also help drivers install airbag suspension kits on already modified vehicles, helping them deal with the different dimensions and fittings that may not be prevalent on your stock suspension.

How Can Different Tubes and Fittings Optimise My Airbag Suspension?

While Airbag Suspension is generally pretty easy to control off the bat, it's important to make sure the flow of air to and from your airbags is kept as unimpeded as possible. Blockages, failures and damage in the different airways that make up your airbag suspension can seriously harm or jeapordize the integrity and performance of your airbag suspension set up, making it crucial to ensure that everything is hooked up properly and fitted to flow as efficiently as it can.

Our Range of Air Tubes, Fittings and Adaptors

Spares Box carries a huge range of air tubes and air piping to enhance the airflow around your airbag suspension, all of which are built to cope with the high pressures and shocks that come with use in a vehicle's airbag suspension. For further customisation and enhancement of your airbag suspension, we also have a range of premium Y-pieces, elbow fittings and adaptors, which keep your airbag suspension hooked up in the most secure fashion possible.