About Air Conditioning & Cruise Control

Air conditioning and heating can make all the difference between an enjoyable ride and an unbearable one. When optimum temperature is key for your vehicle, Sparesbox range of Air Condensors, Blower Motors and Blower Motor Resistors from  Bosch, Motorkool and Tridon will keep you toasty warm in the winter and icy cold on those hot summer days. 

What do Air Conditioning & Heating Units do?

Air Conditioning and heating help in offering a comfortable ride in different weather conditions. Your car’s HVAC unit consists of air condenser, blower motor and blower motor resistor, with each of them having a distinct role. Air condensers are responsible for releasing the heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the air conditioning system. Working closely, a blower motor is responsible for circulating both hot and cold air in the car whereas a blower motor resistor shoulders the responsibility of changing the fan speed with a switch in the car’s dashboard or centre console.

Why is a Functional Air Conditioning & Heating Unit Essential for Drivers?

Offering optimum cooling in summers and heat in winters, your car’s HVAC unit ought to be functional if you plan to go out on a drive. With Australia’ different weather conditions, if any of the components in a HVAC unit fail to work you will get a hard time.

Due to regular usage, these components can become faulty and demand replacement. Your car’s air condenser can stop working when infected by external things or with a build up of hot vapour. While a non-functional blower motor can lead to no air circulation and noisy operation, a faulty blower motor resistor wouldn’t let you change your car’s fan setting.

Our Range of Air Conditioning & Heating

Sparesbox has associated with BoschMotorkool and Tridon which are some of the top brands in the automotive aftermarket, to offer premium quality heating and cooling products for your car. Manufactured and tested as per Australian conditions, all the car air conditioning and heating products are sure to meet or even exceed OE specifications. From hot summer afternoons to icy cold mornings, you can rely on our prompt delivery to ensure your next road trip is a bearable one.