Blower Motors
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1 - 36 of 37
Hella AC Blower Motor Inc. Box 8EW 351 041-681 fits Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221)
8EW 351 041-681
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 351 304-041 fits Mercedes-Benz Vito 1996
8EW 351 304-041
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 351 043-111 fits Mercedes-Benz (W204,212,207)
8EW 351 043-111
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 351 040-291 fits Mercedes-Benz E-CLass (W212)
8EW 351 040-291
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 351 034-071 fits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter With AC
8EW 351 034-071
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 159-631 fits Volvo S80/V80
8EW 009 159-631
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 159-581 fits Peugeot 206 (T1)
8EW 009 159-581
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 159-201 fits BMW 3 Series (E46)
8EW 009 159-201
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 158-181 fits Mercedes-Benz Vito
8EW 009 158-181
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 157-541 fits Citroen C4
8EW 009 157-541
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 157-471 fits Mercedes-Benz Vito
8EW 009 157-471
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 157-211 fits Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220)
8EW 009 157-211
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 157-061 fits Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203)
8EW 009 157-061
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 100-371 fits BMW 5 Series (E39)
8EW 009 100-371
Hella AC Blower Motor 8EW 009 100-201 fits Ford Transit
8EW 009 100-201

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About Blower Motors

A blower motor is what controls the circulation of air into your vehicle's cabin when you switch on your car's HVAC unit. Sparesbox carries an extensive range of blower motors from Bosch which is known globally for providing high quality thermal systems.

What do Blower Motors do?

Attached to the fans, a blower motor is one of the vital components in a HVAC system. Blower motors are responsible for circulating both cold and hot air through the HVAC system. Usually located in the AC duct housing or dash, blower motors can be easily accessed by the driver.

As you turn on your vehicle's air conditioning or heating unit, the blower motor also receives electrical power. The speed of the motor is regulated by the amount of electricity provided to the unit. The motor forces air through the vents and the driver can control motor's speed with switches and buttons on the dashboard. The blower motor also contains a resistor which helps the driver to change the fan's speed.

Why are Good Blower Motors Important for Drivers?

Ensuring you the best driving experience, a blower motor gives you the comfort of air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. With the ever changing weather conditions, if your car's blower motor isn’t operating properly, your vehicle will not be comfortable to drive. It could happen because of internal failure or due to a foreign particle in the dash vents, in both the cases the driver needs to test its operation. A non-functional blower motor can lead to no air circulation and noisy operation.

Our Range of Blower Motors

Sparesbox has a broad range of Bosch blower motors to meet your needs. These replacement blower motors are designed to exceed OE specifications. Bosch also manufactures a huge variety of engine components, sensors and meters to help in proper functioning of your car's engine. Being one of the largest suppliers of OE quality car parts, every Bosch product meets the highest standard of performance and reliability.