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About Air Fresheners & Car Deodoriser

Sometimes you just can't avoid that funk that creeps into your car. For older cars in particular, a new air freshener is the vital finisher for any good car clean and wash, and overall they can generally make the cabin of your car a more pleasant place to be. Sparesbox range of Car Air Fresheners and Car Deodorisers from Autoglym, California Scents and Meguiars have been designed to eliminate tough odours and keep your car smelling good. 

What's the Difference Between Odour Eliminator and Air Freshener?

Multiple contaminants can build up in your vehicle's cabin over time, resulting in the build up of unpleasant odours that can make your vehicle's interior a pretty unenjoyable place. For this, many companies have come out with both air fresheners and odour eliminator sprays, which serve slightly different purposes.

Air fresheners, like the kind you see on the dashboard or rear view mirror of just about every car, are simple elements coated in a scented oil, releasing a fragrance over time to mask any odours that may have taken over your car. On the other hand, odour eliminators are anti microbial sprays which actively hunt down and kill the bacteria that causes unpleasant smells in your vehicle's fabric or trim, thereby neutralising the odour and replacing it with a fresh scent.

Our Range of Air Fresheners & Odour Eliminators

Our range of air fresheners and odour eliminators from Meguiars Car Care, Autoglym Car Care and California Scents contains multiple solutions to not only cover any bad odours, but also neutralise and eliminate them.

Starting with Autoglym, their Odour Eliminator is an exceptional spray that contains potent ingredients to actively eliminate any odours that may be hanging around your vehicle fabrics. Autoglym Odour Eliminator is a great tool to keep handy in the glove box to remove the strongest smells that come along with things like smoke, spills and pets.

For more all purpose air freshening that's a great alternative to your traditional hanging air freshener, Autoglym Autofresh Spray is an exceptional solution to neutralise bad odours temporarily and revitalise your vehicle's interior with a fresh, pleasant fragrance.

Meguiars Odor Eliminator proving an exceptional air freshener spray that utilises a unique formula to quickly and efficiently eliminate unpleasant smells from your vehicle's upholstery. It's latest formula uses a simple, spray-on solution to quickly eliminate smells while also ensuring that if the interior heats up or gets wet, the smell doesn't return once more.

For the most simple solution to getting your car smelling great, throw one of our exceptional value California Scents Air Fresheners into your cart at checkout. California Scents use a wide variety of scents that are inspired by the Californian landscapes to get your car's interior smelling enticing and unique once more.