Car Air Fresheners
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1 - 9 of 9
Mishimoto Chilly Air Freshener
California Scents Car Air Freshener Laguna Breeze Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Vanilla Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Cherry Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Strawberry Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Golden State Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener New Car Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Cranberry Fragrance
California Scents Car Air Freshener Malibu Melon Fragrance

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About Car Air Fresheners

To drive or be in a car that smells bad isn't a great feeling, that's why a nice car air freshener is all what you need to remove those odours. Avoid the embarrassment by stocking up on one of Sparebox's great air fresheners today!

What does a Car Air Freshener do?

Whether smoke, food, animals or simple build up of dirt and dust, many things can cause unpleasant smells over long periods of laying stagnant in your car. Air fresheners are set up to deal with this in different ways.

Normally made of paper or plastic, car air fresheners are coated in a fragrance which is released over time to mask any unpleasant smells in your car. You can choose from carded, gels or vent air fresheners to keep your car away from all those smells. Apart from giving your car a fresh smell, air fresheners maintain the indoor air quality and make it safer to breathe.

How to choose the Right Car Air Freshener?

Designed to keep your car's interior smelling nice, air fresheners have become an essential these days. When it comes to shop for the best car air freshener, it is important to consider some factors.

Since, a usual air freshener is supposed to last a month or two, you need to decide on the fragrance as there are a variety of car fresheners available in the market like fruity, oriental and fresh. These fragrances would diffuse into the air and mask all other odours.

Our Range of Car Air Fresheners

Sparesbox's broad range of air fresheners contains multiple solutions to not only cover any bad odours, but also neutralizes and eliminates them.

For the simplest solution to getting your car smelling great, throw one of our exceptional value California Scents air fresheners into your cart at checkout. California Car Scents use a wide variety of scents that are inspired by the Californian landscapes to get your car's interior smelling enticing and unique once more.