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About Automotive Tools

With such a diverse array of parts and components, it's vital to ensure that you're properly tooled up for every job when it comes to carrying out a thorough and well done vehicle service or inspection. This involves working on every area of the vehicle, from the engine to the wheels and everything inbetween that connects them.

Our Range of Automotive Tools

Spares Box is proud to carry a massive range of tools to help with any vehicle inspection or service. Make sure no stone goes unturned with our range of inspection mirrors, lights and stethoscopes, while you can also work on vehicle-specific parts with our range of oil filter wrenches and gear pullers along with pliers, drivers and wrenches of all shapes and sizes.

Despite having such a wide array of tools for servicing and working on all areas of your vehicle, you can be sure that every one of our Automotive tools from SP Tools or Toledo is manufactured from the highest grade materials. Whether they be metal, wood or plastic, you can be sure that every tool has undergone the strictest quality control throughout it's entire construction.