About Testing Kits, Timing & Diagnostics

Your vehicle's electrics, computer systems and engine management are some of the most vital areas in your entire car, responsible for not only starting it in the first place, but also managing fuel economy, engine performance and emmissions amongst others. When working on all of these systems (especially in areas where high voltages are often involved), it's vital to have a set of tools that are both as safe and precise as possible.

Our Range of Testing Kits, Timing Tools and Diagnostic Kits

So you can be sure of the most accurate measurements, reliable performance and safest use, all of our diagnostic tools and testing kits are manufactured from high quality plastics and rubbers that are hard-wearing, abrasion resistant and able to put up with regular wear and tear. Our testing, timing and diagnostic range has been brought together to ensure that every area of your vehicle is covered, from electrical and circuit testers, to mechanics stethoscopes, to pressure testing kits, to timing tools.