Battery Boxes, Battery Trays & Brackets
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Ark Powered Battery Box 325x185x185mm PBB32

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Battery Link Battery Box Powered Extra Large 1061
Battery Link Battery Bracket Universal Hold Down Metal BHS2
Battery Link Battery Bracket Universal Hold Down Plastic BHS80
Battery Link Battery Tray Universal Steel BT095
Battery Link Battery Bracket Universal Hold Down Plastic BHS81
Battery Link Battery Bracket Universal Hold Down Metal BHS4

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About Battery Boxes, Battery Trays & Brackets

Keeping your car's battery safe and secure is something you wouldn’t want to compromise on. Spares Box brings to you an extensive range of battery box and accessories from the house of Battery Link to serve the same purpose.

What do Battery Boxes & Accessories do?

A battery box offers protection to your vehicle's battery on all sides. A PVC cover on the battery provides all weather protection. With an easy installation, these battery boxes ensure that the car's battery stays securely in its designated place. A good battery box offers adequate protection to the top while also securing the battery from all sides.

The accessories include battery brackets and battery test clips that are essentials in securing the battery in the battery box. Battery trays and boxes provide safe secure base for batteries and are rust and corrosion resistant. The vented bottom of a battery tray prevents damage from accumulated liquids and suits most vehicles.

Why are Good Battery Boxes and Battery Accessories Important for Drivers?

Exposure of a car's battery to high temperature from the engine is common and in such a case battery box keeps it free from corrosion. Apart from shielding batteries, these battery boxes and accessories also safeguard the engine in the event of a battery leakage or explosion.

Since battery boxes and accessories shoulder the responsibility of keeping your car's battery safe and secure, it is essential that they are of good quality. Putting a box around the battery would prevent metal objects falling on the terminals and also provide protection to the battery from spilling water.

Our range of Battery Boxes & Battery Accessories

Our range of battery boxes and accessories are sure to meet your needs of safeguarding your car against unexpected leakage and corrosion. Part of Haigh's family, Battery Link offers battery boxes and accessories to ensure your vehicle's battery in well taken care of.

Battery Link caters to your needs by offering an extensive range of battery chargers, battery terminals, battery cables, electronic components and other cables and accessories. Spares Box also offers a wide array of Battery Link fuses, cables and relays for premium reliability and performance in all conditions, specifically when you link your car's battery to other areas of your vehicle that require electric power.