About Bodywork & Trim

Your vehicle's body work is the most exposed area of your vehicle, subjected to the actions of other drivers, whatever the road throws up on a daily basis, as well as a huge range of differing weather conditions. Sparesbox has an extesive range of Exterior Accessories including Bed Liners, Bonnet & Tailgate Struts, Car Covers, Headlight Protectors, Car Horns, Wheel Accessories and Vinyl Wraps from some of the most trusted names in automotive accessories including 3M, Bosch, Davies Craig, Fleet, Hella, Monroe, Project Mu, Protectve Plastics and SuperPro.

Different Types of Car Exterior Parts

Ranging from bed liner to headlight covers, vinyl wraps to horns and wheel accessories, every one of our car exterior parts are sure to take complete care of your most cherished asset.

While bed liners protect your truck bed from dirt and dust, car covers act as a shield in different weather conditions. Bonnet and tailgate struts help in lifting your car’s bonnet and boot and let it stay there once opened. Headlight covers absorb the impact of dirt and bugs, thus saving your car’s headlights from all the debris. Vinyl wraps and wheel accessories help you customise your car and enhance its aesthetics.

How are Good Car Exterior Parts Beneficial for Drivers?

Your vehicle's exterior is made up of a wide range of different materials, finishes and components, all of which work together to protect both you and your vehicles internals from other vehicles, other people and the elements of sun, rain, sand and just about every other condition you'll find on a day to day basis. Each of these exterior surfaces need certain levels of care and maintenance over time, and while the exterior of your vehicle is generally pretty sturdy day-to-day, regular maintenance of certain areas of your vehicle's exterior can prove a great help in improving your driving experience, helping you feel safer and more secure on the road.

Our Range of Exterior Parts

Sparesbox stocks a great line of headlight protectors, vinyl wraps, car covers, bed liner, bonnet and tailgate struts and wheel accessories from some of the leading manufacturers in Australia inclduing 3MBoschDavies CraigFleetHellaMonroeProject MuProtectve Plastics and SuperPro. It's crucial not only to prevent damage to your vehicle while driving, but also to have the right tools on hand to maintain and repair bodywork and trim should something unlucky befall you on the road. Check out our range of car exterior accessories to ensure yourself a safer drive in tough Australian conditions.