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HELLA Horn Twin Tone Scroll Set Of 2 Red 6004
HELLA Horn Twin Tone Scroll Set Of 2 Black 6005

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About Car Horns

Car horns are vital for ensuring that you're able to make other drivers aware of your position on the road and a reliable car horn, while seeming simple, is one of your vehicle's most important safety features. As with many seemingly simple parts, car horns are often made up of a verity of components and actually come in two different varieties.

What Makes Our Car Horns the Best?

Bosch, NARVA and HELLA horns are made to provide a long service life through their combination of materials and production quality, with almost 100 years of acoustic signalling technology going into their range of horns and culminating in the selection we have available today. These horns use the best sound technology for a strong metallic noise up to 110 dB, a harsh, penetrating sound over long distances and a clear alert in all weather conditions. If your vehicle uses a compressed air system to drive it's horn, Bosch also manufacture a huge range of air horns that provide the very best signalling in commercial vehicles, trucks and lorrys.

Our Range of Car Horns

Our range of premium quality Bosch car horns, HELLA horns and NARVA horns is engineered to provide you with the maximum safety and reliability for your vehicle. We carry multiple types of horn, from older-style air horns, twin trumpet horns which provide a dual tone, and electronic disc horns for use in more modern vehicles.

You don't want your car's horn to fail at a crucial moment, and all of our NARVA, HELLA horns and Bosch car horns are made to OE specifications. This means that Spares Box's entire range is considered suitable for installation in the vehicles of some of the world's finest car makers, meeting factory standards of manufacturing quality, reliability and performance. All of these parts also all meet EC and ECE European safety standards, adding an extra seal of quality to your investment and extra peace of mind for you, the driver.