About Vinyl Wraps

Enhance your car’s overall look while protecting its paintwork with vinyl wraps from 3M, one of the leading brands in automotive market. Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of 3M vinyl wraps in different colours and finishes.

What do Vinyl Wraps do?

Vinyl wraps help in making your car stand out from the crowd by wrapping smaller trim and bodywork. Apart from improving on your car’s aesthetics, these vinyl warps completely cover your car’s paintwork thus protecting it from minor chips and abrasions. These wraps can also be used on commercial vehicles for emblems and striping.

Vinyl wraps are available in rolls which allows fast and easy installation without any seams. Their distinctive finish ranges from matte to satin, gloss to carbon fiber and brushed metal.

How can Vinyl Wraps Beautify your Car?

If you are someone into aesthetics and love to beautify your car, you can do this with vinyl wraps. These vinyl wraps will give your car a new and refreshed look and also protect it from normal wear and tear.

With vinyl car wraps you can create unique effects with any colour of your choice. A vinyl wrap covers the paintwork of your car completely and if any section does become damaged, you can easily repair or replace that section.

Our Range of Vinyl Wraps

Sparesbox has a wide array of vinyl wraps from 3M which is one of the most trusted brands in car care and car wraps. These vinyl wraps from 3M are self adhesive and perfect for wrapping smaller trim and bodywork. Their revolutionary technology eliminates bubbles and gives your car the perfect finish.

3M vinyl wraps, 3M vinyl accessories and 3M car wraps are available in a huge range of finish, colour and feel. With high levels of customisation, these car wraps are sure to give your car the perfect and refreshed look.