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Motorkool Windscreen Washer Bottle GVT-34500

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About Washer Bottles

Washer bottles have to store your wiper fluid for years on end, and need to be made to deal with harsh soaps and chemicals without deteriorating or degrading. In order to achieve this, Sparesbox has come together with Motorkool, part of the trusted Auto Parts group and one of Australia's leaders in heat transfer, cooling system, air conditioning and fluid transfer solutions.

What does a Windscreen Washer Bottle do?

Windscreen wash, such as Autoglym's Ultimate Windscreen and Glass Wash, has to be strong enough to deal with some of the toughest, stickiest and most annoying stuff that can potentially affect your vision on the road. Due to the wide range of weather conditions and dirt, dust and road grime that it has to deal with on a daily basis, windscreen wash can be used in varying dilutions depending on the car its being used in and the conditions the car is being driven in.

While windscreen washer bottles may seem like a fairly trivial thing, it's important to note that in many ways a windscreen washer bottle is much like the tanks used to store your vehicle's coolant and air conditioning refrigerant.

Why are Good Windscreen Washer Bottles Important?

As well as being rather chemically harsh, windscreen washer can also be subjected to high amounts of heat and pressure as it sits in your vehicle's engine bay on a day to day basis. This means that windscreen washer bottles have to be made to put up with high amounts of heat, something Motorkool has done by manufacturing their products out of the finest quality heavy duty plastic.

Our Range of Washer Bottles

Sparesbox’s array of windscreen washer bottles is available at a great price and manufactured to use with a wide range of screen washes, dilutions and even a mixture of different solutions. As well as this, they're built to fit specific cars, meaning they don't take up any unnecessary room in your engine bay and will fit perfectly with the pumps and seals that come with your specific car.