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About Wheel Accessories

Mainly used to customise your set of wheels, wheels accessories include nut sets for performance vehicles and sensor kits for monitoring the air pressure in your car’s tyres. Sparesbox has a broad array of wheel accessories from Davies Craig and Project Mu, some of the most renowned brands.

What do Wheel Accessories do?

Designed for racing and high performance driving, a floating wheel nut features a floating collar type which helps in proper wheel contact and adds consistency when rotating nuts. A superlock nut uses a unique pattern which protects the wheel against theft. A tyreguard sensor kit includes tyre sensors and a screen which act as a safety system to monitor individual air pressure and temperature of your car’s tyres.

Why are Good Wheel Accessories Essential for Certain Drivers?

If you’re into racing or high performance driving, a good set of wheel accessories can do wonders for you. Customising your vehicle with confidence and style is convenient when you have good wheel accessories.

While floating nuts assist in the process of rotating nuts, sensor kits ensure your tyres have enough pressure to go on the road. The floating nuts also act as a washer to prevent damage to the rim of your wheels. Allowing you and your car a safer drive, super nuts basically shield your wheels against theft.

Our Range of Wheel Accessories

Sparesbox stocks a comprehensive catalogue of wheel accessories from Project Mu and Davies Craig, which are the leading manufactures in the automotive market. Designed to offer high performance, their wheel accessories meet or even exceed OE specifications and have been built to last long.

The nut sets from Project Mu are made up of chromium-molybdenum steel and committed to deliver superior performance. Davies Craig’s range of tyreguard sensors and kits is manufactured to outstanding levels of quality and caters to pretty much every vehicle on the road.

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