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About Window Motors & Regulators

Having quality window motors and regulators are essential for fully functioning windows that last. Sparesbox brings you a range of window motors from Bosch, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of OE car parts.

What do Window Motors and Regulators do?

In most modern cars you no longer have to manually crank up the windows but simply press a button and your windows will open and close. In order for your power windows to work you need functioning window motors and regulators. Even if you don’t have electronic, power windows you’ll still need a quality functioning manual window regulator to ensure your windows go up and down without any hassle.

Window regulators are what make your windows go up and down. In vehicles with power windows an electronic motor called a window motor powers the window regulator. In some vehicles the window motor comes with the window regulator, together as one unit; in other vehicles they come separately, meaning they can be replaced separately.

Window motors consist of gears that are responsible for pushing the window glass up or pulling it down. It’s pretty easy to tell when they’ve stopped working properly and getting a quality replacement is a pretty easy fix.

Similarly with window regulators once they start to fail it’s pretty obvious and replacing the failed part or the whole system with a high quality part is required.

Why are good Window Motors and Regulators important for Drivers?

From the very first time you start using your car, window motors and regulators work endlessly to move your windows up and down. Once they start to fail it’s important to invest in quality OE replacements.

Using good window motors and regulators are going to work better and last longer than their cheaper counterparts, providing you with continued, durable convenience.

Our Range of Window Motors and Regulators

At Sparesbox we provide a variety of window motors from leading brand Bosch. Bosch Automotive is a definitive brand in global automotive innovation. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of OE quality car parts and automotive systems, Bosch window motors guarantee better functionality and durability than other lower quality brands.