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About Wiper Motors

A wiper motor is a part of the wiper system that assists in easy movement of your car’s wipers. Sparesbox’s range of Bosch wiper motors are not only priced the best, but they'll also do their best to make sure you never have to be hit with that cost again.

What do Wiper Motors do?

Wiper motors are what make your windscreen wipers kind of, well, move. As a simple electric motor that operates across a wide range of speeds and functions, wiper motors need to be reliable and sturdily built.

Wiper Motors are subjected to a wide range of temperatures and pressures within your vehicle's engine bay, and also function at the colder temperatures presented by wintery conditions. For this reason, what may initially seem like a simple piece of machinery is actually a rather expensive piece to replace in your car.

Why are Good Wiper Motors Important?

Responsible for providing a safer driving experience in extreme conditions, a wiper motor is made to work with both your vehicle's front and rear wipers. With the smoothest function to boot, when combined with a set of high quality wiper blades, nothing will provide better vision in bad rain. Bosch have applied this same technology into their wide range of wiper motors, ensuring that a Bosch wiper motor will deliver the absolute best in not only service life, but also quiet, efficient operation.

Our Range of Wiper Motors

Spraesbox stocks a varied range of Bosch wiper motors at a great price. When it comes to motors and vehicle electrics, Bosch's reputation for quality and reliability is unrivalled. With all the finest German engineering and technology behind them, every Bosch motor developed is guaranteed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications, meaning it meets the standards of build quality and reliability as set down by many of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers. For this reason, should you invest in a new car from any well-known car make, there's a good chance that it may have a Bosch part as standard at least somewhere around it.