About Brakes

Brakes are the most important safety component on every vehicle, bringing it to a safe stop every time you need with the simple press of a pedal. In order to do this, your brakes are made up of several high friction parts that convert the kinetic energy of your vehicle into heat energy, bringing it to a stop. Every vehicles brake parts are different, which means that finding the right parts can be a challenge, this is where Sparesbox vehicle sorting filter takes the guess work out of sourcing the right components for your vehicle.

Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of brake parts including: ABS Brake Modules, ABS Sensors, Brake Lines, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Brake Shoes, Brake Vacuum Hoses, Brake Wear Sensors, Drum Brakes and Performance Brake Pads from some of the worlds most renowned manufacturers of brake components including, Bendix, Bosch, Brembo, DBA, Ferodo, Project Mu, Protex, Remsa and TRW, suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles. 

How Brakes Work

Your brake pads are a key part in this, made out of long-lasting, high friction materials that rub against your brake discs, creating the friction that brings your vehicle to an eventual stop. In order to find the perfect braking experience that's tailored to your driving style, it's vital to find an effective balance between good stopping power and the production of unseemly brake dust, noise, vibration and brake fade.

Some performance brake pads will bring your vehicle to an effective stop with the trade off of providing a less comfortable braking experience, while many every day brake pads will provide a gentler, less noisy stop at the expense of high temperature, high performance effectiveness. In order to cater for every driver, we've established a range of brake pads from some of the world's most trusted names in braking.

Our Range of Brake Parts

Sparesbox carries one of Australia's largest ranges of brake pads, disc brake rotors, drum brakes and ABS brakes, direct from the warehouse floor and shipped to your door.

Our range of Bendix brake pads is suited to all drivers in the Australian market, ranging from their General CT range, through their 4WD, SUV and Heavy Duty brake pads, and their ultimate and SRT lines for performance driving.

Many european vehicles have to meet certain regulations in terms of braking performance, and we stock a wide range of euro-centric OE replacement brake pads from the likes of Brembo and TRW, as well as the Bendix Euro+ Range. Spares Box also carries a great range of Bendix brake shoes to deliver lasting, reliable performance with your drum brakes.

Every product in our range of brake rotors and drums are designed to meet the exacting OE standards of various vehicle manufacturers as a minimum, and our range of brake discs, brake rotors and brake drums from the likes of DBA (Disc Brakes Australia), Project Mu, Brembo and Textar are all specifically manufactured to provide unrivalled braking performance in both every day circumstances and when you're hitting the track.

For any performance braking needs, be sure to head over to our specialised section, dedicated to providing the finest performance braking in extreme conditions.

Finally, Sparesbox also carries some of the smaller parts that make up the more intricate areas of your brake system, such as Bendix Brake Wear Sensors to alert you when your pads are too low, and a wide range of brake hoses and connectors from brands like Mackay and Goss.

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