ABS Brake Modules

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About ABS Brake Modules

ABS Modules are a crucial bit of kit for any ABS (anti-lock braking system), meaning they're also incredibly important to your safety whenever you need to kit the brake pedal in an emergency.

How an ABS Module Works

Anti lock brakes are all about stopping your vehicle's wheels from seizing up under heavy braking, maintaining what's known as tractive contact with the road. Locking up your brakes can lead to a total loss of control, leaving your vehicle completely up to it's own momentum in how soon it stops. The ABS module houses all of the computer systems that hook up to your vehicles electronics to prevent this from happening.

Why a good ABS Module Can Help You

Linking up with your vehicle's wheel sensors, the ABS module is crucial in determining your braking force and ensuring you come to a safe stop every time. Faulty ABS modules are common, and many companies are around to offer ABS repair and rebuild services, but there's simply no way of guaranteeing your safety under heavy braking better than getting a proper OE replacement module for your vehicle. A good ABS module ensures reliable braking, effective lock and skid-protection, and most importantly the feeling of confidence every time you step on the brake pedal.

Our Range of ABS Modules

Spares Box carries an outstanding of ABS modules from BOSCH, one of the world's biggest names in OE quality aftermarket parts. With the finest german engineering going into every module, BOSCH ABS modules truly are, like every other one of their auto electric parts, world leaders in their class. BOSCH ABS modules come with a huge range of OE approvals and fitments for vehicles and manufacturers across the world, meaning you can be sure that it will fit seamlessly into the braking system of your exact vehicle without any issues.