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About Brake Master Cylinders

Your brake master cylinder supplies hydraulic pressure to your car’s braking system when you press the brake pedal to stop or slow down the car. Sparesbox is has worked together with Protex to offer you a comprehensive line of brake master cylinders .

How Does a Brake Master Cylinder Work?

The master cylinder is the primary cylinder responsible for the movement and activation of your vehicle's brakes once you put your foot on the pedal. As you push the pedal, the cylinder closes the port to a reservoir that holds your vehicle's brake fluid, simultaneously pushing some of this fluid through the brake line and onto the brake slave cylinder, or wheel cylinder. Once activated, this cylinder then compresses the pads against your brake rotor, bringing your vehicle to a stop.

How Can a Good Brake Master Cylinder Can Affect Your Braking?

As you could imagine, the brake master cylinder plays an incredibly important role in making sure your brakes are getting a steady, stable flow of brake fluid. A malfunctioning master cylinder can have a highly detrimental effect on your vehicle's brakes, lowering the pressure of your brake fluid and reducing the responsiveness you get from the brake pedal. Good master cylinders have the opposite effect, and keeping your brake fluid evenly dispersed is a major factor in achieving a responsive, stable braking feel.

Our Range of Brake Master Cylinders

Sparesbox is pleased to stock an extensive range of brake master cylinders from Protex which is one of the most reliable brands in Australia. With Protex’s proven quality and dependability, you can be sure to get the best product for your car. Protex is committed to deliver OE quality products and cost effective solutions to Australian drivers. Also, check out our range of brake pads, brake rotors and drum brakes to ensure optimum performance of your car’s braking system.