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About Brake Wear Sensors

Brake wear sensors are one of the most simple yet vital pieces of safety equipment on your vehicle. Keeping you in the know when it comes to maintaining your brakes, brake sensors can be incredibly important in taking care of one of the most important parts of your car.

How Brake Wear Sensors Work

Worn brake pads can reduce the levels of friction they generate when they press against your brake rotors, reducing your stopping power down to unsafe levels and increasing the amount your brake rotors have to work in order to safely stop your car. Brake wear sensors are designed to help you avoid this before it becomes a significant problem, attaching to your brake pads to ensure that you are alerted when your brake pads are worn too much. Some brake wear sensors work electronically, where as some are mechanical and simply create a high pitched noise to alert you when they're exposed to contact with your brake rotors.

Why Brake Wear Sensors Can Improve Your Safety

All in all, worn brake pads can make stopping your vehicle slower and less safe, something every driver should look to avoid for obvious reasons. Such is the safety benefit of brake wear sensors that many government bodies and a growing contingent of vehicle manufacturers are actually demanding that brake wear sensors be fitted as standard with every set of brake pads made as original equipment for a vehicle.

Our Range of Brake Wear Sensors

Sparesbox is happy to offer a range of excellent electronic brake wear sensors from Bendix, one of Australia's most trusted brands in braking solutions. Designed to meet over 900 vehicle applications, Bendix brake wear sensors meet OE-levels of quality and work as a direct OE replacement for your vehicle's existing brake pads. Working to complete a circuit as soon as they come into contact with your brake disc, the brake wear sensor will alert you via your dashboard when your brake pads are getting to dangerously low levels. Grab a set of Bendix replacement brake wear sensors today, and ensure your braking safety going into the future.