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About Cables, Fuses & Relays

There are so many electrical components of your car that can subtly enhance your driving experience. Whether you are a DIY motor enthusiast or just in need of some replacement parts, Sparesbox have an enormous assortment of electrical car parts including several types of fuses and fuse holders, connectors, terminals, circuit breakers, trailer sockets, cable clamps, heat shrink and relays from NARVA for all your lighting needs.

Taking care of the more technical side of automotive electrics, we stock a range of Bosch sensors including ignition sensors, RPM sensors, crankshaft sensors, intake manifold pressure sensors, boost pressure sensors, knock sensors, fuel pressure sensors, throttle pressure sensors and much more. We also carry Bosch sender units, solenoids and control unit sets.

With such a huge range of electrical car parts, you can count on us to get what you need to you when you need it with fast, dependable and FREE delivery on any orders over $50.