Saftey Fuel Pump Relay AFI R1034

Fitment: Engine

Bosch Relay Wipe-Wash Interval 0 986 335 058
0 986 335 058
Bosch Relay Wipe-Wash Interval 0 335 320 015
0 335 320 015

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About Relays

Relays help to control the circuit going around your car's ignition system and battery. They open and close at certain voltages to stop the battery from discharging. Obviously then, they play a rather important role in ensuring that your vehicle remains powered when idling, doesn't cut out at a bad moment, and starts up reliably every time. Relays can be either quite expensive to replace or relatively cheap, depending on your car, but it's always paramount that you're choosing the very best quality, especially when it may only be a matter of paying a couple of extra dollars to ensure the very best reliability and quality to keep your vehicle running.

Spares Box carries a wide range of relays that generally suit a wide range of fitments, and provided you're buying a relay with the right shape, size and ampage, you'll find any one of these battery relays a worthy replacement for your vehicle's malfunctioning or worn relay. BOSCH produce the main bulk of our relay range, making every relay, however big or small, with their famous commitment to engineering precision, technological innovation and build quality. BOSCH's range of relays extends through relay start repeaters, horn relays, battery relays, ABS relays and main current relays, ensuring that every part of your vehicle's electrical system is adequately catered for.

Our top quality relay range is supplemented by a great variety of parts from both AFI and NARVA, two of Australia's auto electrical specialists. All of these parts are sourced from the finest vehicle component manufacturers from across both Australia and Europe, all with a stamp of quality that ensures they meet or exceed original equipment specifications as well as government safety standards. Whether four or five plug, 30 or 40 amp, or simply a replacement connector or flasher, you're bound to find the component to suit you through our extensive relay range.