About Switches & Controls

The switches and controls that help make up a significant part of your vehicle's electrical system are all vital in their own way. Helping to control the flow of electricity throughout your vehicle so you don't have to, these switches and controls engage and disengage hundreds of times everyday by themselves without you noticing (or sometimes when you turn something on from your dashboard), enabling electricity to get to the areas of your car that need them. As such, switches and controls are vital in ensuring every electrical part of your car works properly when it should from your headlights, tail lights, interior lights and dashboard lights, to your ignition system, battery, motors, brake and steering systems.

Some of these switches and controls are incredibly important to the safe and economical operation of your vehicle, ensuring that your vehicle gets optimum flows of air, fuel and oil, turning your lights on when you need, and alerting you in the case of problems with your engine, oil pressure, brakes and battery.

With such a dizzying array of switches and controls available on the market, it's best to invest in a product you can trust when replacing any of these components, and thankfully Spares Box carries a huge variety of switches, controls and other electrical components from the likes of NARVA, BOSCH, Hella, Fuelmiser, Tridon and Battery Link to suit differing applications all across your vehicle. From universal switches, rockers and push buttons, to flasher units, light switches, starter switches and main switches, our extensive range is all premium manufactured and priced to provide exceptional value in an otherwise expensive area of your vehicle to maintain.

The vast majority of these switches, controls, rockers and buttons are manufactured to OE levels of quality and tested to meet worldwide standards of quality, ensuring you get optimum reliability, performance and lasting longevity.