About Dash Cams

Add a whole new layer of security and surveillance to your on-road experience with one of our premium BlackVue dash cams and portable reverse cameras.

How Have Dash Cams Come Along in Recent Years?

Dashcams have been around for a while now, but modern technology has made them more powerful, user friendly and simple to use than ever. With the advancements in camera technology, it's now possible to get a Full HD camera into something that fits inconspicuously on your windshield, with things like GPS tracking, Wi-Fi capability and cloud based storage all built into the one small, powerful package.

Why is a Good Dash Cam Important for Today's Driver?

Car dashboard cameras give drivers an unrivalled level of control over how you deal with other drivers on the road. Should you be involved in a smash where the other party makes a run for it or be the subject of dangerous driving by those around you, you always have surveillance.

Dash cams are also incredibly handy for use in long-haul driving and night driving, as the infrared capabilities of some cameras are able to see long into the night and provide a great added layer of security for truck drivers and vehicle cockpits. Finally, Dash Cams are becoming increasingly popular amongst drifters and those in amateur motorsport for recording their action from eye of the driver.

Our Range of Dash Cams

Sparesbox has joined up with BlackVue, one of the world's specialist leaders in dashcam products. BlackVue dash cams have taken the dashboard camera game a step ahead of the competition with a bunch of features that have taken the dash cam into 2016 and beyond, including GPS tracking, seamless integration with the BlackVue App on both iPhone and Android, cloud based storage and impact detection. Every BlackVue dash cam we sell records in full 1080P HD and sets the benchmark for both video and audio quality so you can drive with confidence.