About Car Cleaning

The humble task of car cleaning may seem like a big task when you get down to doing it, but with our range of car cleaning products, you can tackle every area of your cars exterior and restore it to a spotless shine with absolute ease. Sparesbox makes choosing the right car cleaning products for your vehicle easy with our range from some of the most trusted names in car care including Autoglym, Meguiars, and Mothers

Why Car Cleaning is Important

Proper car cleaning is not just a matter of cosmetic appearance, but also vital in making sure your vehicle's exterior surfaces are properly protected from contaminants. The longer you leave your car dirty, the more likely contaminants are to bond to your vehicle's paintwork, glass, trim and wheels. This can lead to oxidation, deep scratches, swirls and acid damage, all of which can seriously compromise the look and protection your vehicle's paint gives.

Our Car Cleaning Range

While your vehicle is made up of a mind boggling array of materials and finishes, rest assured that between our ranges from Autoglym, Meguiars and Mothers, Spares Box has every surface of your vehicle covered.

For the best daily wash and clean for your entire vehicle, we have a great range of car wash and car shampoo, which form a luxurious layer of suds to pick up dust and dirt from just about any surface. We also have a great range of Car Wash & Wax, which both clean your vehicle and leave a layer of protective wax in it's wake.

For more detailed applications, Sparesbox has a wonderful range of clay barring kits, quick detailers and glass cleaners, which help to remove bonded contaminants across your vehicle and leave a crystal clear, perfectly smooth finish. For stubborn stains, built up dirt and grime, check out our pressure washers and high pressure cleaners, which are sure to come in just as handy for use on your vehicle as they will around the house.

Both Autoglym and Meguiars combine many of these wonderful products into a great range of car care kits, which contain everything you need to tackle the often daunting task of getting your paintwork looking new again.