About Quick Detailer

The quickest, most simple and most direct detailing solutions around, Spares Box carries a massive range of quick detailers and sprays for cleaning and restoring your vehicle's paintwork in seconds.

How Quick Detailers Work

Quick detailers and detailing sprays are all about taking the process of cleaning and polishing your car and condensing down into a convenient spray on, wipe off solution. Cleaning paintwork on the go and restoring it to a perfect shine, quick detailers are often made up of a light polishing compound and a liquid cleaner, combined into a simple solution that can be sprayed on, diluted in water and then buffed off in seconds. This makes quick detailers perfect for keeping in your boot for whenever you pick up contaminants, unexpected mess or a light scratch. Quick detail sprays are great lubricants, making them the ideal choice for use with clay bar kits.

Keep in mind that quick detailers are never a substitute for an actual polish and wax, and while they won't compromise the integrity of your wax protection, it's always a better option to invest in polishes and waxes when your paintwork is heavily damaged, scratched or contaminated.

Our Range of Quick Detailers

Spares Box has an exceptional range of rapid detailers, detailing sprays and wipes, all of which are engineered and formulated to suit different types of contaminants and paintwork. Our all-purpose detailing sprays, like Autoglym Rapid Detailer, Mothers California Gold Instant Detailer and Meguiars Quik Detailer, are perfect for restoring a great shine at any time, while we also supply specialised products for tar, insect and racing rubber removal. Spares Box also carry trim detailing products, that are made specifically for restoring a like-new black finish to your vehicle's plastic trim.

Many of these quick detailers, like Meguiars Final Inspection, are ideal for the final clean and top coat before a car show, ensuring that your vehicle's depth of shine, clarity and gloss is at it's absolute peak.