Headlight Protectors

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About Headlight Protectors

Headlight Protectors are a cost-effective way to protect your car's headlights while adding some beauty to it. Sparesbox offers you a broad array of headlight covers from Protective Plastics, one of the trusted brands from Haigh’s kitty.

What do Headlight Protectors do?

When you subject your car to terrains, obstacles and environments that it’s not used to, you're immediately increasing the amount of things that can go wrong, and as a result it's always good to keep every exposed area of your off-roader or 4x4 as well protected as possible.

Keeping your car's headlights protected from normal wear and tear, headlight covers indeed play an important role. These headlight protectors can absorb the impact of dirt and bugs, thus saving your car's headlights from all the debris.

How can Headlight Covers be Beneficial for Drivers?

Many drivers like to put extra headlights or LED lights on their vehicles to light the path ahead. Headlights can produce stunning amounts of light in portable packages, great for use when you need to light the terrain close to you but your vehicle's regular headlights just won't cut it by themselves. In order to do their jobs however, they need protection from every day wear and tear just like every other part of the vehicle.

Headlight protectors come in hard acrylic material for the best protection for optimum shock absorption, and are designed to subtly add to the aesthetics of your vehicle while letting everyone know that your 4x4 is geared up with some serious lighting. They will protect your LED lights, spotlights and headlamps from the majority of on coming debris, including stones, rocks and grit that can be kicked up in front of you.

Our Range of Headlight Protectors

Sparesbox has teamed with Protective Plastics to deliver an exceptional line of headlight protectors for lights and LED lamps of all shapes and sizes. Cut to fit your vehicle, these headlight covers are made from the finest material and built to last long. Manufactured and tested as per Australian conditions, these headlight covers from Protective Plastics will be a great armour from all the debris on rough terrain.