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About Weather Shields

Day to day, The weather can have far more of a detrimental effect on your vehicle than you realise. The combined effects of wind, rain, sun and snow can have a massive range of impacts on your vehicle's bodywork, interior trim, chassis and components, making it a great investment to consider grabbing something to help keep it protected in challenging conditions. In order to combat this, we've made available a wide range of different weather shields and vehicle protectors to help keep your car well armoured against every scenario.

For colder conditions where you regularly get frost and ice on your windshield, the frost blocker is the perfect option. Attaching to a wide range of vehicles via the side mirrors of your car, the frost blocker is a universal shield for your windscreen against the overnight build up of frost, ice and sleet that would otherwise be a massive pain to scrape off of your windshield on a cold morning. By collecting the frost build up on it's non stick surface, using it is as simple as taking it off each morning and shaking it off, meaning you can stay warmer for longer on those harsh mornings.

Spares box also has a massive range of weather protectors for the interior of your vehicle. UV radiation can have a damaging effect on your vehicle's interior trim, leaving it to grey and lose its lustre. Particularly in vehicles with leather trim, the effects of sunlight can also cause your seats to lose their luxurious feel. A good set of window sun shades can block this harmful UV radiation, not only saving your interior trim from damage, but also keeping your car's interior as cool as possible for those extra hot days. Produced by Haighs Australia, these products are some of the nations leading automotive accessories and guaranteed to be of premium quality.