About Car Detailing

For the ultimate finish after a luxurious car wash, invest in Spares Box's premium range of premium car detailing products. All of our premium polishes and waxes are geared towards providing a professional level of care for your vehicle's paintwork that surpasses anything that you can pick up at the supermarket, whether your paint is old or new. Sparesbox makes choosing the right car detailing products for your vehicle easy with our range of Car Buffers & Polishers, Car Polishes, Car Waxes, Cutting Compound and Metal Polishes from some of the world's most trusted brands including Autoglym, Meguiars and Mothers

How Car Detailing Works

Car detailing is what you do after your car wash to accomplish a number of things. Polish essentially buffs off a very thin layer of paint to remove any scratches, swirls or imperfections that your car may have picked up over time, restoring the premium shine your car originally came with. This can happen in a number of ways, and different polishes are suitable for different damage levels paint types.

For instance, more intense cutting compounds like Meguiars Ultimate Compound or Autoglym Paint Renovator are made for for heavily worn or deeply scratched paint to bring it back to new, whereas newer coats of paint may only require a lighter polish like Meguiars Ultimate Polish or Autoglym Super Resin Polish. Make sure to pick the polish that's perfect for your vehicle's paint type and and you're guaranteed the best possible chance at giving your vehicle's paintwork a showroom shine once more.

Car wax creates a protective seal over your vehicle's paint to prevent it from picking up any additional bonded contaminants, water marks or scratches. The most premium waxes are often formulated from Carnauba wax, a rich palm wax which is capable of producing the richest, deepest shine available on car paint. Liquid waxes are also readily available for quick and easy application to leave a spectacular protective coating for your paintwork.

Our Range of Car Detailing Products

Our range of car detailing products comes from 3 of the world's finest car care brands: Mothers and Meguiars from America, and Britain's most trusted choice, Autoglym. Our range of Autoglym, Meguiars and Mothers polishes and waxes are formulated to the highest quality standards and are suitable for a number of different paint types, all designed to keep your paint shining as brilliantly as possible, while well protected.