About Car Wax

Car Wax is essential to bring the absolute best out of your paintwork, helping it last longer and look better all in one.

How Car Wax Works

Car Wax is essentially a sealant, a protectant and an enhancer for your vehicle's paint, similar to the effect conditioner has on your hair. Going on after a wash and a polish, car wax forms a clear, protective coating that enhances the colour and lustre of your paint while also providing a barrier against the effects of UV, water, dust, dirt and oxidation.

Car wax can take on a number of forms and formulations. Traditional carnauba wax, derived from Brazilian palm trees, is still seen as the best product you can get for your paint, and many traditional detailers prefer wax in paste form for the control it provides when detailing different surfaces. A number of different liquid waxes, spray waxes and synthetic waxes have come onto the market recently though, which offer a quicker, more convenient way to bring a great, protective shine to your paint.

Our Range of Car Waxes

Spares Box has a massive range of waxes to cater just to just about every level of car detailer, from the pros to those who just want to restore a great shine to their vehicle's paint in the most simple manner possible. Our paste waxes, like Autoglym High Definition Wax, Mothers California Golf Carnauba Wax Paste and Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Wax, are the richest, most luxurious waxes available.

For quicker jobs, we carry a great line of liquid and spray waxes such as Meguiars Ultimate Wax and Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax, which bring a rich synthetic wax to your paintwork to keep it protected and looking fabulous. Spares Box also carries cleaner waxes, which help to strip layers of older wax and contaminants from your paint and leave a fresh layer of protection in their wake.