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About Clay Bar Kits

Sometimes invisible to the naked eye, contaminants can actually become bonded to your paintwork over time that cause additional damage when it comes time to polish your vehicle. To remove these and restore the smoothest possible finish to your vehicle's paintwork once more, investing in a Clay Bar kit is vital.

How Clay Bar Works

Clay Barring is essentially a way of trapping and removing the kind of contaminants that bond to your paintwork over time and can't be removed with a simple car wash. Getting rid of this layer of contaminants is incredibly important for the polishing and waxing process, as attempting to polish surfaces with bonded contaminants can actually cause more damage to your paintwork than it fixes. As such, clay barring is a great way of ensuring you're leaving a spotless finish to build on when restoring neglected paintwork.

Clay bar kits use a bar of soft clay and a lubricating spray, generally a quick detailer. This lubricating spray allows the clay bar to sweep over the paintwork, the bar's micro abrasive properties acting to help trap and remove contaminants from your paintwork without scratching the paint itself.

Our Range of Clay Bar Products

Spares Box carries a wide range of clays and all-in-one clay barring kits for use on paint jobs at all levels of damage and contamination. The three most popular clay bar kits available through Spares Box are the Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Kit, the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System and the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Bar Kit, all of which combine a simple to use quick detailer and a high quality clay bar for effortless cleaning.

The Meguiars Mirror Glaze range also includes an aggressive detailing clay, designed for use on heavily contaminated and damaged paint jobs.

All of these kits come with premium microfibre finishing cloths for the perfect scratch free finish, so you can rest assured that your paint has been properly cared for.