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About Metal Polishes

Whether you're driving a hot rod, an absolute classic or a show car, there's a good chance that you're going to want to bring out the best of your vehicle's metal surfaces as part of any good detail. Our range of metal polishes, wheel polishes and chrome polishes is set up to cater for every need, and bring a mirror shine to all of your metal, no matter what condition it may be in.

How Metal Polish Works

Everyone has used a tin of Brasso or Steelo at some point in their lives, and there's nothing that looks quite like freshly polished and buffed metal. Many premium and custom cars use metal for their wheels and trim, and keeping these surfaces protected and looking great is where a good car metal polish comes in.

Designed to be as abrasive as necessary to remove stains, scratches and hazing from metal surfaces while protecting them from further damage, metal polish is something that every serious car detailer should keep in their kit. Metal polish also works brilliantly for polishing mirrored surfaces and bringing both side mirrors and rear view mirrors back to perfect clarity.

Our Range of Metal Polish

Spares Box has a fantastic range of premium metal polishes, chrome wheel polishes, mag and aluminium wheel polishes to suit just about every finish. Some polishes, such as Meguiars All Metal Polish and Autoglym Metal Polish, are designed to suit a wide range of different metals and finishes, while we also stock a great range of specialised metal polishes such as Mothers Billet Polish, Mothers Mag and Aluminium Wheel Polish, and Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish.

These polishes are far more gentle and suitable for use on more valuable wheel materials, and present excellent options for only bringing an immaculate finish to any custom rims made of forged magnesium, aluminium or chrome.