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About Dash Mats

What Do Dash Mats Do?

Dashmats are a protective mat that can be laid across the surface of your vehicle's dashboard for protection. Dash mats deflect not only spills and dirt from getting on your dashboard, but also absorb harmful UV radiation that has the potential to grey, age and eventually crack your vehicle's interior trim. In protecting your interior from the effects of the sun's rays, dashmats are also proven to keep your car cooler while improving the performance of your vehicle's air conditioning.

As the ultimate all-round protector for a vital part of your vehicle's trim, dash mats are incredibly popular with not only every day drivers, but also hard working people looking for heavy-duty protection for their vehicle's interior.

What to Look for When Buying a Dash Mat

In the same way dashboards come in all shapes and sizes, so now do dash mats. As such, it's worth ensuring that you're getting the very best dashmat for your car by choosing one that's custom cut to fit your vehicle. By choosing a dash mat that's made for your vehicle, you're ensuring that you're getting no slippage, the best coverage of protection and a mat that most suits the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Our Range of Dash Mats

Spares Box carries a full compliment of dashmats from Sunland, easily Australia's largest manufacturer and supplier of dash mats. Sunland operate under the Haigh group, and as such form a part of one of Australia's most trusted car parts networks. Our Sunland dash mats come custom made to fit a massive range of Australia's most popular vehicles, and are available across multiple colours to suit all vehicle interiors. All of our dash mats are backed by Sunland with a lifetime warranty, and are crafted from the very finest materials for a luxurious feel that stands the test of time.

All of our dashmats are perfectly safe to use as well, and are designed to work perfectly with your vehicle's airbags.