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About Pedal Pads

Aside from your steering wheel (and of course the auxillary cord when you're on a road trip), your pedals are the most important point of contact between you and your vehicle. Pressing the pedals of your vehicles is the way you control how fast or how slow you're going, along with engaging the clutch in manual vehicles.

Why are Pedal Pads Important for Drivers?

The throttle pedal, or accelerator, works with the throttle body and the pedal sensor to control the amount of fuel and air being injected into the engine, meaning when you press it down the engine makes more power as a result of the higher flow being allowed into the cylinders. Your brake pedal works as the first point of a large hydraulic system, using a cylinder to deliver brake fluid to the brake calipers, which in turn press the brake pads against your wheels and slow you down.

Your clutch pedal engages the clutch plate in your gear box, allowing you to safely shift onto a higher or lower gear as you need to when driving a manual car. They have to perform this task over the entire lifetime of your vehicle, whether you're simply cruising on the highway or need to mash on the brakes to come to a sudden stop. For this reason, pedals have to be built to last.

Our Range of Pedal Pads

Often made of hard wearing rubbers or strong, lightweight metal in the case of sports pedals, pedals are some of the toughest things in your car, and only the finest engineers and brands are generally commissioned to provide pedals and pedal sensors for vehicle manufacturers. Sparesbox is planning to deliver exactly that to it's customers, ensuring that if something in your pedal breaks, it will be replaced with something of the utmost build quality and long lasting performance to keep you safe on the road.