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About Car Springs

Coil Springs play a critical role in the way that your vehicle rides and handles in a range of driving conditions. Worn out or sagging springs are not only uncomfortable for you and your passengers, they can also be dangerous. Reduced spring rates, associated with tired or worn out springs, can lead to reduced tyre-to-road contact and significantly compromise the way that your vehicle handles. 

Sparebox stocks a range of car springs for every application from OE height to Ultra Low Springs, Super Low Springs, Lowered Springs, Standard Height Springs and Raised Springs from one of Australia's leading manufacturers of premium quality car springs, King Springs

What Do Car Springs do?

Acting as large compression rings, car springs are responsible for absorbing the shocks that are created while driving over uneven terrain. These springs also assist in maintaining your vehicle’s downward pressure on the road, thus ensuring ideal road surface contact. While driving on uneven surfaces, car springs will compress and depress along with the shock absorbers to help deal with the motion.

What Are the Different Types of Car Spring?

Car Springs can be further divided into three types: lowered, standard and raised. Lowered car springs offer performance and aesthetic enhancements through improved handling and a more aggressive stance. These springs also provide a lowered centre of gravity for your vehicle and a more responsive road feel. When driving off-road and carrying heavy loads, raised springs are recommended. These springs are ideal to provide the optimum stability in more intense driving conditions.

Providing a more balanced experience for everyday conditions, standard car springs are preferable for a comfortable and smooth ride. The substantially lighter material and optimal height helps in increased travel. In addition, heavy duty springs are also available which substitute relative ride comfort for the toughness required to carry heavy loads for longer.

Our Range of Car Springs

Sparesbox is associated with Australia's leader in specialist car springs, King Springs that offers an extensive range of springs to meet your specific needs. All the products of King Springs are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications. Their range of springs offers quality and performance that is demanded by the manufacturers all over Australia.

All King Springs are rolled and fashioned out of high grade steel, powdered coating and engineered with precision for durability, performance and longevity. The springs at King Springs are designed to meet all applications from Standard to Heavy Duty that maintains your vehicle's OE ride height. There is also a range of lowered and raised springs for different performance needs.

Check out our range of other suspension components while upgrading your vehicle's springs to ensure your car receives the best equipment upgrades that are necessary to deliver superior performance. At Spares Box, we have a varied range of shock absorbers and steering components from Superpro, KYB, Bilstein, Monroe and TEIN.