About Coil Springs

The springs are one of the most fundamental parts of your vehicle's suspension, and Spares Box carries high quality King Springs coil springs to suit just about every common car on Australia's roads.

How Coil Springs Work

When most people think suspension, they think of big coil springs. Coil springs essentially act as very large compression springs to help keep everything stable and secure in your steering, all the while helping to absorb impact forces produced by driving which would otherwise go straight into your back.

As your wheels travel up and down when travelling over uneven surfaces, the coil springs compress and depress in conjunction with the shock absorbers to help deal with this motion.

How Good Coil Springs Can Help Your Car

The way your car springs perform on the road largely depend on two elements: the material they're made from and the amount of travel they offer. Raised springs are perfect to provide the increased travel and stability required when heading off-road and carrying heavy loads, while lowered springs offer performance and aesthetic enhancements through improved handling, a lowered centre of gravity for your vehicle and a more responsive road feel.

In addition, heavy duty springs are also available which substitute relative ride comfort for the toughness required to carry heavy loads for longer.

Our Range of Coil Springs

Spares Box is proud to have teamed up with one of Australia's leader in specialist springs, King Springs, to offer a range of springs that truly meet the exacting standards of all customers in a wide variety of conditions. All King Springs are made to meet or exceed OE specifications and meet the standards of quality and performance that is demanded by the manufacturers of a huge range of vehicles sold in Australia.

In order to meet these specifications, all king springs are rolled and fashioned out of high-grade steel, powder coated and engineered with precision for not only incredible performance and handling, but also durability and longevity. King Springs manufactures springs to meet all applications, from Standard and Heavy Duty Springs that maintain your OE ride height, as well as raised springs and lowering springs for differing performance needs.

When upgrading your vehicle's springs, be sure to check out our range of other suspension components, and consider replacing your shock absorbers and steering components as well to ensure that you're giving your car the equipment upgrades necessary to deliver the enhanced handling and steering that you've invested in. Spares Box features a wide range of suspension components from the likes of Superpro, KYB, Bilstein, Monroe and TEIN.